The My Tax Guy Difference

Our customer-first approach is how we provide highly personalized tax advice in a way that you can actually understand and implement. Whether you’re looking for top-notch data security, unrivaled subject matter expertise, or exceptional customer service, My Tax Guy In Houston is your ideal partner for business and tax advice throughout the entire year.

Helping You Understand

Most firms who attempt explaining their final results typically sound like they’re speaking a foreign language. It’s not enough that your tax consultant understands your unique situation. They should be equally capable of helping you understand it as well.

One of the many things that clients love about My Tax Guy In Houston is our ability to not only explain the what behind their unique tax situation, but also the why.

After crafting your ideal tax solution, we explain everything in plain English and make sure that you understand the determining factors of how we got there.

This approach keeps you ahead of the curve and empowers you to make smarter financial decisions moving forward.

Protecting Your Data

Entirely too many tax firms still require clients to submit sensitive documents via email.

Not only is this downright negligent on their part, but it also exposes your most sensitive information—social security number, health insurance info, income amounts, and more—to unnecessary risk.

At My Tax Guy In Houston, we pride ourselves on our unrelenting focus on data security. Instead of submitting sensitive documents via email, we utilize a secure customer portal and two-factor authentication to keep your personal information safe at all times.

No exceptions.

Giving Expert Advice

Should you trust your tax liability to someone who isn’t knowledgeable on ALL of the latest risks and opportunities available to you? Many firms are not current on the latest IRS and tax code changes, which leaves you at risk for unexpected liabilities.

Having spent over 15 years helping our clients succeed, we’ve truly seen it all. By first gaining a deeper understanding of your financial situation, we’re able to provide proactive recommendations whenever tax codes or your personal circumstances change.

This customer-first approach is how we provide highly personalized tax advice in a way that you can actually understand and implement.

Providing Exceptional Customer Service

Many tax consultants act less like a firm, and more like a pop-up shop—they open their doors on January 1st and then shut down as soon as tax season is over. What happens if you need additional advice or have follow-up questions outside of tax season?

We believe that supporting your financial goals should not be only about crunching the numbers but promoting your overall success.

This core belief is the driving force behind our commitment to providing unbeatable customer service. If something unexpectedly changes mid-year and you need additional advice, then we’re still here to point you in the right direction.

This is why we consider ourselves as your tax partner: We treat you like family, and we’re always here when you need us.

Ready to start? Contact us or give us a call today.